Choosing a Pet Sitter

With so many new pet sitting companies starting up everyday here are some questions to help you choose the right sitter:

. Ask to see proof of current insurance and/or bond?

. Do they have a company website.

. Hobbyist pet sitters- No insurance, bond, company website. Bascially not invested in the pet sitting business, animal education of some sort; volunteering, getting a Pet CPR certification etc.

. Check out the Company's Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin other Social media sites.

. Are they on Website for Pet Sitters International

. How long have they been pet sitting professionally?

. If new to the profession, how did they accumulate their pet care experience? 

· Ask for atleast three client references and check them. 

. A pet sitter's regular vet can sometimes also be a good character reference call you can make.

· Is the petsitter you interview the petsitter who sits the pets?

. How many dogs will they walk at once?

. Will they walk your pets exclusively as Lil' Chick does?

. What happens if they can't make a pet sit due to a personal emergency?

. Do they have a backup pet sitter when they go on vacation?          

· Do they know animal first aid and CPR? Ask to see certifcation.

· What does the sitter do if there is an emergency and your veterinarian's office is closed?

· Does the sitter have policy, procedures, contract and pet information form?

. Is the pet sitter professional, reliable, and trustworthy. Will not send a contractor out to your house or bring a
  stranger into your home with out your permission?

· Sitter should ask for your pet's routine on eating, sleeping, potty breaks, walking, exercise,  medications,
  medical history, hiding places, favorite toys, problems such as barking or chewing, vaccination history,
  your veterinarian's place of business and telephone number.

· Ask how long are your sitter's visits.

· Ask how you will communicate in case of an emergency.

. Is their business licensed in your city/county/state. (This helps you locate the business/pet sitter if something
  should go wrong.)

. Besides email and phone number do you know where you sitter lives. If they  know your address shouldn't
  you know theirs? It should be on their Insurance/Bond.

It's important to learn all you can about a prospective pet sitters' qualifications and services. This is your home and your babies. make sure you know who has access to both.

If you need further help, please feel free to email me

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