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Boarding pricing per day:

$35 Bonded Pair of Bunnies.
$25 for single Bunny.

$35 bonded pair of Guinea Pigs. 
$25 for a single Guinea pig.

All pricing is per day.

Everything is provided in the pricing. Just bring your bunny or piggy.
For other small pets please email me.

  •  All bunnies housed in roomy play pens.

  • I provide pellets, hay, bedding, towel, blankets, chew toys, water bowl or bottle, food bowl, small treats and organics greens twice a day.

  • Feel free to bring anything along with your pet that they are use to.

  • All bunnies need to be neutered and spayed please.

  • I am sorry I do not board cats or dogs.

  • This is NOT a boarding facility but my home so I do not offer any tours. Please email me and I can send you pictures or you can find them on my website and facebook page.

  • Please reserve a drop off and pick up time between 8am-8pm. No late night drop off/pick up please.

  • Temperature controlled, non-smoking and quiet environment for your pets boarding needs.

  • Pets in my care are never alone at night or more than a couple of hours during the day.

  • Part of all fee charged to you for bunny boarding goes to The Rabbit Haven and other Bunny Shelters.

  • Unfortunately I am unable to care for a sick bunny except for some basic needs since I am not a Vet/ Vet Tech.

  • I am located in San Jose, Zip: 95124 Close to Campbell and Los Gatos.

  • Since I board a maximum of 4 small pet sets at a time in order to give them lots of love and attention, I do get booked rather quikly specially around the holiday season.

  • Please book as early as possible. All boarding fee must be paid in advance and it is non refundable.

  • Check, cash and paypay accepted. All booking fee are non-refundable.

  • Facebook Page for Lil' Chick Hop-n-Flop. See lots of pictures here.

  • Facebook link for pictures of set up for all pets. 

  • The Hop n Flop is a safe space, stress free, lots of love, hugs and attention. No small cramped cage for the Buns. No dogs barking and poeple in and out all day. No smoking, temperature controlled for those hot/cold days.

  • If you need any more information please email me

  • Please adopt. Dont buy. Thousands of pets in shelters looking for their forever homes.

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